Necessary Advice on Mobile Application Development

Present generation of users is smitten through the arrival of highly sophisticated mobile technologies. Smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, tabs are often the norm currently that have brought you even more closely to technology. In case you are mobile app developer, who wishes to capitalize upon the flourishing opportunities given by mobile app development industry, we provide you with 6 ideas to come up with unrivaled mobile apps.

Enter Into the Psyche and Skin of Your End Users -An effective app is what is preferred by potential clients and has a characteristic valuable addition in the lives of your users. Thus before starting with all the entire process of developing a mobile app, try to enter your skin and psyche of the users. There are different aspects that actually work for many different users. Some could search for simplicity of an mobile application and some find bliss only when the app appeals to their particular technical expertise. Thus before getting started with the development of the app be sure to comprehend the mindset of the users. Define the target audience, and develop the app that they would find the most efficient and resourceful.

Concentrate Your Time And Energy In Giving Them An Experience -Why the majority of the apps fail to make an impact on the users is they only focus upon the functionality and not give the end users an experience that they would cherish. Experience has come to become probably the most intriguing factor these days that defines the failure or success of an application.

And today if you’ve been wondering the way to provide the users with the experience which they will remember, it can be anything. Starting from a unique concept to perhaps giving a unique, extraordinary treatment to some concept. You can also consider creating a unique presentation style, highly utilitarian app which requires minimum inputs through the users etc.

Study your audience, understand their belief, thinking, expectations and appreciate system then develop the app which gives them with the knowledge that they have been surfing toward.

Security Of Your Respective Application Is Essential -Security must be the core attribute of your mobile application which happens to be being developed. Any glitches in the security department of your mobile app only shows deficiency of sincerity and energy being put in the entire application development process.

Thus before releasing the mobile app, in the development stage itself, try and enumerate all the security concerns that your application might face. The 3 main facets of the mobile application development, which you just have to ensure that is completely secure are – work flow, data and functionality. Any technical drop out at all of these three levels can prove to be really devastating for your app and for your complete reputation and good will being a working professional or even an organization.

Don’t Load The App With Large Amount Of Features -It might be tempting for the mobile app developers to use every one of the latest features and attributes inside the application but it might get to be the app killer. Don’t get carried away and use all the extra features within the mobile application to make a highly feature rich and modernized application. You will only lose the comprehensibility and usability of a mobile application and this too for features which were not necessary in the first place. As opposed to blotting your app with various features, just continue with the basic requirements of your clients or perhaps the audience.

The App Should Deal With both The Clients And Also The End Users -This can be a nightmare in the life of any mobile app developer. At times the interests of your clients and the users come in to get a conflict along with the mobile app developers are haunted because of the dilemma of they must develop the app to your clients or perhaps the customers.

There might be a case where clients would like to hold the most acceptable features inside the application and load it with all the features. But this could not have access to a good result on the end users. The app user is only trying to find a good experience and does not pay any heed towards the OS limitations or the implications that the business may have to face.

This is how you will put your skill and experience to good use. In the event that the business aspirations behind the app will destroy its usability, to jump in a dialogue using the client. There might be occasions when you might want to educate the customer in regards to the usability limitations of your features they can be demanding.

Test The Application, And Test It Again -Before releasing the developed application, you must ensure its functional attributes are about the very best levels. Carry out the uses acceptance tests (UAT) on the application. Before you reach to acceptance testing of an application, makes it completely functional, can react to varying size of the different mobile screens. Also make sure the coding is ideal, there isn’t any any obsolete or broken codes.

HP Slate 2 Tablet The Latest Tablet PC in The Market

Every day brings about a new technological marvel and Tablet PC products are launched for a plethora of applications. The present day revolutionary gadgets include laptops, smart phones and the Tablet PC which are considered to be in vogue today. While there are manufacturers of Tablet PCs in the Indian market who are producing a large variety of products with the objective of not being left isolated in the race for the best Tablet PC, every one of them is caught up in this rat-race. Hewlett Packard is one of the companies in the country that has produced the ideal HP Tablet PC and christened it as HP Slate 2 Tablet. It is one the latest model of the HP Slate touchpad.

Easy Portability & Outstanding Features:

This tablet PC is a handheld powerful and compact personal computer. This HP Tablet PC is built around the Intel processor which has a speed of 1.5 GHz along with a 64 GB mSATA drive. In order to extend the resident memory of 2 GB with a DDR 3 RAM, it has been provided with the SD card slot. The slots are miniSD and microSD types of slots and come with a Swype type of a keyboard. The HP Slate 2 comes with a 8.9 inches touch screen The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC operates on a 32-bit Window 7 Operating System with a connectivity based on Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi.

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC has some of the best built-in security features that protect it from unauthorized usage. With a front and rear facing camera, the rear camera is of 3 megapixels while the front facing camera is meant for video chatting or conferencing. The video display card contains the graphics media accelerator and has a built-in speaker for superior quality of sound. The HP Slate 2 tablet price in India is an affordable Rs. 36,000/- which is moderately priced as compared to other Tablet PC produced by other manufacturers in the country. The HP Tablet PC is available in 32 GB and 64 GB memory sizes and stands in competition with the ipad2 and the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. The HP Slate 2 tablet price is competitive and is easily affordable by a large number of prospective users.

Ease of Affordability:

The HP Tablet PC is ideally suitable for the travelling businessman or for people who are constantly on the move away from their office. The HP tablet encompasses the appropriate blend of splendid features, relevant technical support for custom designed inbuilt applications and the security and connectivity needed for present extremely mobile and exacting daily professional environment where a person is working.

Shopping Apps for the iPhone 4s

ShopSavvy 4 the winner of the 50 Best iPhone Apps for 2011 is your personal shopping companion and has been declared as “the must-have for professional bargain hunters”. With up to date information about twenty million products, this app has a huge data base. The ShopSavvy app has some fabulous features and is extremely useful. The best feature of this app is its fast scanning speed which scans barcodes within seconds from literally any angle. You can also search using titles in case you don’t have the barcode. It also informs you about better deals which can be had online or in nearby stores. There is a QuickPay option which allows quick and easy purchases of desired products. The ShopSavvy app also lets you add and share the prices and images of products. This feature comes handy when the required product is not listed in the apps price comparison engine. To help you with your decisions, you can access the reviews posted by other users and you can post reviews of your own. You can also tell your Facebook and Twitter friends about any great deals being offered. Because of the convenience, functionality and ease of use, the Shop Savvy app is indeed one of the best shopping apps.

Amazon Mobile is a free app which lets you browse and compare prices of products you are interested in buying. You can search products, get their details, compare and read reviews of all the items available on . Another app through which you can save your precious dollars is Save Benjis. It is an easy to use tool which lets you compare product prices from thousands of stores so that you can purchase the product at the best possible price. This is the most comprehensive best price comparison app which contains information of more than fifteen million products from multiple vendors. There are multiple options for searching products such as barcode, product title, product number, manufacturer and keyword. You can also go through the reviews and add your user experience as well.

A new version of the Target app has been developed for the iPhone 4s which lets you search and purchase products from Target Stores on your iPhone 4s. It makes shopping more manageable with its useful features. You can create and organize your shopping list and easily update it with the “voice recognition” option. You can also use the “View Map” feature to see the Target stores’ stock. This app also sends Daily Deal notifications to your iPhone 4s as well as redeems coupons and Gift Cards.

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Mobile-Optimized Web and Technology

This has happened to all of us trying to access a website from your smartphone but the site is loading too slowly or you have to scroll all over the page to see the navigation options. That’s because the site you’re trying to access was build for quicker processor such as your computers, and a 15-inch screen, not for a smartphone.

There are still websites that are not optimized for smartphones and tablets, while more and more people are using the web from their mobile devices. Mobile-Optimized websites are developing different versions of your original website to suit the hardware of your mobile device.

US mobile internet usage has increased by 25%, according to a 2011 report by eMarketer, from 77.9 million to 97.3 million. By 2015 half of the US population will use mobile devices to access the internet.

eMarketer forecasts that the two older segments, between 45-65 and 65 aged and older, will almost double their mobile internet usage by 2015.

Still the highest percentage of Mobile Web users is between 18 and 34 44.4% or 43.2 million people.

Without a mobile-optimized website the sites are tough to navigate and slow to load, as the mobile internet usage increases every year the businesses need to look ahead to mobile web design.

Google Analytics is a good start to analyze the accessibility of your website through a mobile report which shows your visitor’s activity mobile or non-mobile, what device are they using and how many visitors you receive.

There are offers for mobile website software that can build a mobile site for you but it’s better to find a mobile website design firm with more experience. Quick-fix software for example will compress your site to fit the smaller processors and screens of mobile devices, while a web-optimization expert will design more effective Mobile Web site for better user-experience and will maintain it as your regular site.

When it comes to talk about qr code generator, in simple terms, QR code stands for Quick Response code. This is a two-dimensional bar code that can be read in cameras as well as smartphones by code readers. Mainly, this code is used in order to store some information like contact details, texts, URLs and more. This code is also has capability of handling various types of data like numeric, alphabetic, binary and so on. Custom QR Codes are also using logos, photos, colors and other design elements in order to brand the company. A custom QR code works even better than others.